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On October 1st, 2023, the President of the University, Prof. Omar Farhati, along with the Secretary-General of the University, Dr. Shawky Medellel, officially launched the business incubator work at the new extended time of 10:00 PM. This change is part of the new ministerial instruction that allows higher education institutions to extend their opening hours until 10:00 PM. This decision was made to ensure that the activities of the university can continue to meet the needs of students and researchers while responding to the specific demands of university life.

The Rector met with Mr. Srouti Abdul Ghani, the Deputy Director of the university incubator, and the administrative and pedagogical staff working there. During the meeting, the Rector provided practical guidance to ensure the smooth operation of the incubator in line with the new timetable. He also requested the incubator’s management to launch a media and advertising campaign to inform students of the new timings, including the need to activate the incubator’s Facebook page. He further urged the staff to open the page for students to discuss graduation matters during the extended hours. The administrative staff pledged to implement the Rector’s directives in the field.

It is worth noting that Dr. Farhat Mohamed Fouad manages the business incubator, and three institutions hold the trademark. So far, 169 emerging and micro-enterprises and 150 patents have been registered. The incubator has an ambitious program to attract investment research projects for students, aimed at creating micro and emerging enterprises and patents that can be transformed into wealth-generating investment projects and institutions